Security cameras, AHD, HDTVI, HD-CVI, and HD-SDI Surveillance Cameras

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Is this a battle of acronyms or a battle of technologies? Let us look at the real importance of these new products and what you...

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The demand for security cameras in the workplace continues to increase. More than half of US employers use some form of surveillance equipment in...

cvi vs ip and hd-sdi

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  HDCVI VS. HD-SDI Longer Transmission Distance. Both HD-SDI and HDCVI can transfer HD video @720p/1080p, but HDCVI currently has the distinct advantage of transmission distance. HD-SDI in general...

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Integrators are not one trick ponies. By definition, they provide a wide variety of services and integrate them for customers. Normally, a security integrator...

Access Control with Bluetooth Android

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  The days of having to carry a key fob or access control card is slowly coming to an end. New technology is taking advantage of...

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HD-CVI cameras offer a unique ability to allow changes to the camera via your DVR menu. This feature is very helpful to customers and...

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Megapixall has opened a new satellite office in Pinecrest Florida. Located right on US1 right across the street from Five Guys and Yogurtland. Serving...

CCTV Camera Systems for Marinas

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There are many benefits to using CCTV camera systems at Marinas. With the constant stream of visitors arriving via boat and land to visit...