RFID tags come to Shanghai taxis, 50,000 of them.


Shanghai, by far the biggest city in China, have decided to place RFID-enabled electronic licences on each of the 50,000 taxis in the city, in a

强生出租 6580000
强生出租 6580000 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

move to curb counterfeit taxis and protect both passengers and taxi drivers.

The tag, will be placed on the left side of the windshield, contains all the information including licence plate number, engine number, taxi color

, and details of the operating licence. Law enforcement personnel will be able to scan the tag using a handheld device and instantly recognise whether the taxi is licenced.

In Shanghai, illegal and counterfeit taxis have been causing headache to the authorities. Since the gradual roll-out of the system, 271 ‘clone’ taxis have been detained by the authorities.

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