Sony 960H vs HDcctv. Is it a Story?


Sony is having very good success with its Effio series cameras and we can expect 960H DVR’s later this year to supplement Sony’s new High-Res CCD’s. There is no doubt that Sony dominates the analog CCD market and tends to lay the course for Asian manufacturers. Will this translate into mass production of 960H DVRs? Probably, but will it be adapted and become mainstream? Adoption of their closed technology is not always a sure thing. Take as an example ATRAC, BetaMAX, MemoryStick and SLOC. Dead in the water.

These products have little to do with security but it does show a trend in adoption being minimal. A closed platform revolving around Sony alone may limit the technology and restrict the masses from adopting it. HDcctv however is being adopted early by many manufacturers and could make it harder on Sony to have their technology  go mainstream. HDcctv has higher resolution but has limitation with HD-SDI and cable length. Sony, having HD video within the regular cable lengths and limitations of coax could pressure HDcctv and bring a similar Blue Ray vs HD-DVD showdown. Hisilcon (Hi3520) and STMicroelectronics (ST7108) are both being used for these new 960H DVR’s already with others coming on board soon.

What do you guys think?




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