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ATM video surveillance in itself is an industry. ATM locations and surrounding areas make ATM machines susceptible to theft and criminal activity if not properly protected. Installing video surveillance, especially newer HD video security cameras can help to protect, document and ensure ATM transactions are safe.

ATM surveillance benefits

Document confrontations and hold ups  – Having security cameras present  will enhance the safety around an ATM machine, this makes it less likely that customers will be approached by potential criminals looking to steal their cards or cash.

Stop ATM skimming – ATM Skimming uses special devices to document and record customer information from their bank cards by reading magnetic stripes on the back of the bank cards. ATM security cameras can monitor and record potential skimming operations and even stop it before it starts.

Hidden camera prevention – Criminals have also turned to using small hidden cameras to try and steal ATM pin numbers. Security cameras installed at the ATM can help detect suspicious activity and monitor the ATM as the criminal tries to install the hidden camera.

Digital storage – HD based security recorders allow the user to store, document and back-up video footage digitally on hard disk drives or even servers. Long term video footage can stored for months or years and be archived while also providing advanced search capabilities.

Investigating Criminal Activity– HD surveillance cameras can provide high detail visual evidence of crimes happening at cash machines. The ability to quickly search through digital video footage for exact time and dates is a smooth and painless process. Since most ATMs are usually left unattended for long periods of time it is important to keep archived video footage which can prove invaluable when a possible incident is reported.

Risks of Security Cameras at Cash Machines


Camera Tampering – If a security camera is tampered with or vandalized by a criminal, you could have video loss and not be able to document the incident. 24-hour ATMs should take other safety precautions to help limit the possibilities of tampering and vandalism. Physical security guards and proper lighting help to keep incidents down to a minimum.

ATM surveillance camera configuration

  • When installing ATM security cameras, consider some of the following factors:

  • Does the ATM machine operate 24 hours a day?

  • Is the current ATM machine attached to a bank?

  • Do you currently have security guards that patrol or monitor the area?

  • Is the ATM machine unattended a majority of the time?

  • Consider the location and neighborhood where the ATM is installed. Is the area conducive to crime?

Setup advice for cash machine security camera


  • We suggest you install a security camera within the ATM so you may get a crystal clear image with  details of all transactions.

  • Position and install the security camera so you may monitor the surrounding area of the cash machine and get a comprehensive view of possible suspect activity.

  • We suggest you consider using a DVR or NVR that records the actual ATM transactions and syncs the transaction with live video footage. This allows archived footage to be easily sorted out during criminal investigations.

  • Consider using physical contacts or alarm triggers to send alerts to a central station or mobile phone. This will instantly notify someone when a physical break in or vandalism is occurring.

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Similar to any retail store where money is used, gun shops are an ideal candidate for video security. Considering the that guns are the main product sold its even more important to make sure you have video surveillance. Criminals often try to steal weapons from gun retailers, and having a gun in the wrong hands can be a major problem. To curtail theft, help protect assets and watch employees, security cameras are an essential part of gun shop security.


Security Camera Benefits for Gun Dealers

Theft Prevent  – Like any retail environment theft is a huge problem, but the moment you involve guns the problem worsens. The gun shop not  only stands to lose stolen merchandise but,  stolen weapons can easily end up in dangerous hands. Well placed and installed security cameras will help to deter criminals from possibly going through with their crime.

Crime Deterrence – The mix of violent criminals and guns does not bode well, in fact the results can be deadly. Security cameras also protect employees as well customers from possible breakins and customers that start trouble.

Investigating Criminals – Criminal investigations go hand in hand with video surveillance footage. Security cameras that capture detailed images of individuals entering the gun shop will help investigators identify suspects involved in incidents occurring within the gun shop. Video surveillance can also help tie other crimes that may have used guns purchased from the location.

24hr Monitoring – Having an extra set of eyes that do not need sleep helps gun store owners continuously monitor their shops. Even after the gun stores close the video cameras continue to work and document everything

Gun Store Surveillance Risks

Possible Tampering – Criminals are known to try and vandalise cameras. If the cameras are interfered with or lose their signal the gun shop may be vulnerable to acts of theft. We suggest that you also have another security measure in place to supplement the cameras, such as a burglar alarm.

Gun Shop Security Cameras Configuration

Here are some important factors to consider when installing a gun shop surveillance solution:

  • Do your gun store currently have an alarm system?

  • Are shoplifting and theft common in your store?

  • Is the gun shop vulnerable during night time hours?

  • Has violence occurred in or around your gun shop?

  • How is the neighborhood where your store is located? Is it a high-crime area?

  • How big is your shop? How is the layout of the store? How many security cameras will be required?

Security Camera Gun Dealer Installation Advice

  • Install security cameras at all entrances so you may provide a clear view of anyone entering the gun shop.

  • Add cameras to areas where you have cash registers so you may monitor all activity involving money exchanges and possible incidents between your customers or intruders and employees. Surveillance Cameras at cash registers also perform double duty and may provide a detailed identifiable image of all customers purchasing or possibly causing disruptions at your counter.

  • Loading areas, stock rooms and restricted storage areas should also have video surveillance to ensure only your authorized workers handle your firearms.

  • Consider  the size of your gun shop, just  how many security cameras will be needed to provide a comprehensive surveillance solution to all the areas of concern.

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Security Video surveillance has become necessary for pawn shops. The possibility of crime always exists when possessions and money are exchanged. Security cameras help to protect employees, the pawn shop, and its customers from acts of crime and violence as well as deterring theft.

Pawn Shop Security Cameras Benefits:


Theft Deterrence – When your security cameras are visible they help to  stop robberies even before they occur by deterring criminals from actually going through with the crime. The fact that a thief may be caught on recorded video by surveillance cameras can make a robbers think twice.

Break-Ins Prevention – Security Camera Systems can provide 24hr continuous video monitoring of your Pawn Shop which includes both indoors and outdoors. This can help protect your shop from break-ins during and after normal business hours.

Employee Protection – Employees can feel safe knowing that security cameras will monitor activity for acts of violence, crime,theft, and other behavior.

Visual Evidence – The main purpose of having security video surveillance is to offer visual evidence in the event a crime occurs. Giving local authorities the ability to prosecute or find criminals is a huge factor that must be considered.

Employee Behavior Monitoring – Video surveillance cameras monitor your shops transactions and activities to make sure your employees are providing the utmost customer service and are not involved in employee theft.

Pawn Shop Video Surveillance Configuration

When deploying a pawn shop video security  installation, here are some things to consider :

Have you had any violent crimes in or around your pawn shop?

  • What is your is neighborhood like? Is there high-crime in the area?

  • Have your shop been robbed in the past?

  • Are you concerned with employee theft?

  • Do you currently have an  alarm system?

  • What security measures do you currently have now?

  • How many security cameras will you need to effectively monitor the pawn shop?

  • Do you selling high-ticket items such as electronics and jewelry?

  • Is the neighborhood safe after hours?

Advice on Installation

  • Install security cameras so they monitor store entrances as well as exits so you may capture images of anyone entering or leaving the pawn shop.

  • Cover the register area to monitor all pawn shop transactions. This will also help you closely monitor interactions between employees and customers.

  • Ceiling-mounted security dome cameras can help provide a nice overall view of the shop.

  • Consider installing exterior cameras to help deter break-ins.

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There are several key benefits for Liquor stores when installing security video surveillance. Similar to convenience stores, liquor stores often are considered an easy target for small petty theft. This can lead to major financial losses from criminals and thieves. Installing the right security camera system will more than likely keep your liquor store safe.

Advantages of Installing CCTV in Liquor Shops

Simple to Install – Newer video surveillance systems can be quick and simple to install, service and maintain. Most Liquor store owners can easily install the cameras themselves and have the camera system setup in minutes. Newer IP Camera systems allow you to reconfigure the systems as needed so you may always go back and change the design of your security camera system as you see fit.

Prevent vandalism and theft – Installing Surveillance cameras where customers and employees can see them helps deter vandals and thieves, while helping the local authorities identify those criminals who may have robbed your store.

Increase safety – Alcohol plays a huge role with security. Problematic customers who enter the store intoxicated can cause major problems. Security cameras may help keeping your employees safe in the event disgruntled or intoxicated customers act up.

Monitor several locations at once – Owning several liquor stores or a chain of liquor stores is not a problem anymore. With the rise of modern NVRs ( Network Video Recorders) you can now monitor and record multiple locations from virtually anywhere. You can see all your stores from one location or create a group of your most important cameras to monitor.

Risks of Security and Video Surveillance in Package Stores as well as ABC Stores

Theft – Stealing liquor is only a small reason why you need security cameras. Criminals may attempt to steal money or try for your safe. Even your Security cameras themselves have value and can be targeted by thieves. Its always a good idea to have alternative security methods in place in case a robber attempts to steal or vandalize one of your security surveillance cameras.

Privacy for Employess – Employees want to feel safe but also trusted. Protect the privacy of your staff and employees by keeping your security cameras installed in public places such as the stockroom and sales floor.

Power outages – Outages and Power surges can damage your surveillance system or even cause video interruptions in your video recording.

Configuring Security Cameras for your Liquor Store

There are many different size Liquor stores. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered when installing a security camera system. Here are some things to consider when installing your surveillance system:

Risks to Consider


  1. What type of security do you have in place currently?
  2. What would you consider your largest security threat and what can security cameras do to help?
  3. How many robberies or crimes have you had in the past year?


Location & Area


  1. Where is your store located? Are you in a rural area, in a city or suburban area?
  2. Is your store located near a college town?
  3. What is your neighborhood like?
  4. Are other retail stores in your area experiencing crime problems?


Customers Experience


  1. What’s your customer base like?
  2. Do you find yourself dealing with alcoholics or intoxicated customers?




  1. How big is your store?
  2. What amount of customers get served daily at your store?



  1. How many staff members do you have?
  2. Is employee turnover a problem?




  1. What are the laws in your county that you must adhere to regarding security cameras?
  2. Are your security cameras regulated by the county or local law?
  3. Are Fake IDs and selling liquor to minors an issue?


Surveillance Cameras in Liquor Stores

Police often times uses surveillance video footage to help capture thieves and criminals. Using a combination of evidence and suspect descriptions from security camera footage can help solve crimes.

Scenarios – Why Alcohol Resellers Needs Video Surveillance

Repeat theft – Businesses loses millions of dollars every year from theft, crime and vandalism. As a business owner it is not only important to have security cameras but its important to have security cameras that work. Upgrading an older CCTV system to IP Megapixel cameras will offer as much as 130x more detail than older analog cameras. This means that the smaller details that are important during a crime will be much more visible. Consider your current losses and against settling for a less expensive analog system. There is no point in saving money if your surveillance footage cannot be used after a crime.


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HD-CVI Security Camera

Analog CCTV has dominated the security market for decades. This technology can be found at most local electronic retailers and cost factor has always made analog the top choice amongst consumers. The last decade has brought us Network IP and HD-SDI technology, both digital formats offer higher resolution video over its counterpart analog systems. The one constant with both technologies has been the expense. Both IP network cameras and HD-SDI tend to be higher priced than analog and typically are a little harder to install and setup for the common consumer. HD-CVI has emerged as a technology that promises to close the gap between analog and HD video. HD-CVI allows you to use coax cable just like analog systems and offers longer distances similar to that of typical analog cameras. HD-SDI and IP cameras have a distance limitation that must be considered. HD-CVI also allows consumers to use UTP (CAT5,6) network cable with baluns to transmit video. This option allows consumers with existing network cable to proceed with their HD-CVI installtion without the need of coax cable. Another key advantage is the ability to transmit Video, Audio and RS485 over the same coax cable. Typically with an analog camera system you would have to run separate wires for all three options. This makes installations far easier for typical consumer. IP cameras have a unique advantage of allowing you to remotely connect to a camera to make adjustments to the camera itself. This is very helpful when you need to adjust your camera settings and do not have to be physically at the camera. The newer HD-CVI technology allows you to also adjust the camera settings via your DVR (digital video recorder) or CMS remote software. This is a huge plus for consumers that would not have this option with analog systems of the present and past. HD-CVI takes what’s good about IP network cameras and HD-SDI technology and meshes them together by eliminating the common shortcomings of both technologies. Even better is the fact that HD-CVI has done this by keeping the cost equal to that of current analog systems.     Key Features to HD-CVI

  • In short HD-CVI offers pricing that equals if not beats analog.
  • Offers higher resolution video. HD quality over analog.
  • Provides Digital Zoom capability during live and playback.
  • Allows you to use existing coax cable to easily upgrade your current analog system.
  • No 300-400 foot distance limitation when using coax or UTP with baluns.
  • OSD Menu control of the camera from your DVR or Remote PC.

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Surveillance Video & Security Cameras for your Store  

When considering security cameras for your convenience stores you need to key in on those key areas that are most vulnerable towards theft and petty crimes. Installing the correct video surveillance system is extremely important and it will help protect your customers, employees, as well as your assets.Benefits of Video Surveillance

Ease of Installation – The latest technology applied by typical Mini Mart stores and Convenience stores is IP security camera systems, these cameras may be wired or wireless and work over a computer network. Analog CCTV systems tend to be more difficult to install for customers while IP cameras only take a single wire to install making the installation easier. IP cameras have the added benefit of broadcasting your video footage via the internet, allowing for easy monitoring of your store security cameras any time you would like.

Security – IP Security Cameras offer HD high-resolution with great detail when playback of a crime is needed. Retail stores tend to rely on witnesses or the cashiers memory to help define the crime. This typically does not bode well when trying to piece together the incident. Key details provided by Megapixel cameras will deliver images that are rich in detail.

Theft Prevention – Having security cameras in plain site help reduce crime and theft. It offers a deterrent to stop employee theft or small petty crimes.


Convenience Store CCTV Risk Factors

The benefits of Convenience store security cameras are great, but you must consider that these systems are not failsafe. Security camera systems all have certain amounts of risk. In particular, Convenience store security cameras are subject to:

  1. Outages – Power surges or disruptions in power may cause video outages within your store security camera system, this may lead to small gaps in your video recording or even damage to your surveillance cameras.We highly suggest you have surge and backup protection for your security systems.
  2. Tampering – Employees or Criminals will sometimes try and tamper with a security camera system so they may obscure their identity while performing their theft.
  3. Privacy – Installing cameras in public areas such as your stockroom and sales floors will help maintain the privacy of your employees and customers


What should you Consider when Configuring a Convenience Store Surveillance System

There are many ways to install and set up convenience store security camera systems.  We suggest you consider some key aspects before before installing your IP camera system in your store:

  1. Consider what your security threats are.
  2. What incidents have you had that you wished you might have caught on video?
  3. Is your current neighborhood prone to crime?
  4. What security system do you have now and what needs to change?
  5. What are your store hours?
    1. Stores with night hours typically between 12 AM – 8 AM can be more susceptible to crimes and robberies.
  1. Has a robbery or employee theft occurred before?
  2. Does your current video camera system allow your cashier to monitor key areas of your store?


Some Key Advice for Quick Stop Stores using Video Surveillance Systems

  1. All open spaces should be covered. This includes areas such as your cash register, sales floor and entrance doors. These areas need to be covered, and we suggest you install fixed security cameras in key sensitive areas such as cash registers and restricted store merchandise. (e.g. alcohol, cigarettes)
  2. Entrances and exits are a must to cover. You need to record everyone who enters and exits quick stop store.
    1. Gas stations should place fixed security cameras by pumps so you may capture license plates.
  1. Fixed cameras near your company safe and cash registers will help you monitor all transactions and hopefully prevent theft.
  2. Rough neighborhoods or locations with vandalism should place security cameras covering the outer perimeter of the store. These security cameras will also allow your retail clerks to monitor the outside and take appropriate action in the event they see something that concerns them.

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Video Surveillance and Gas stations should go hand in hand, similar to convenience stores, gas stations are often easy targets for crimes and theft. Having a video surveillance system will protect your gas station against crime, theft, vandalism and other possible damages.


Key Advantages of having Security Cameras at Filling Stations


Ease of Install – HD Surveillance systems in both IP cameras and HD-SDI are extremely easy to install and setup. Unlike analog CCTV systems, these newer technologies offer 1080 HD video to see everything in fine detail.

Theft Prevention – Having security cameras displayed prominently near cash registers or above gas station pumps will help curb and prevent theft. They will help you identify vehicle license plates and the car type in the event someone steals gas or use the vehicle during a robbery.

Monitoring Remotely – DVRs (digital video recorder) or NVRs (network video recorder) allows you to broadcast your video camera footage over the internet to your PC, Mac or mobile phone. You can even monitor several locations at the same time on the same screen.

Improved image – Details mean everything, and newer security cameras offer high resolution megapixel video that help reassure customers that your establishment and gas station is safe. A comfortable customer will continue to shop at your store and increase your business.


Video Surveillance Dangers at Gas Stations


Privacy of Employees – Protecting the privacy of employees is crucial. Keeping your surveillance cameras installed in public areas such as gas pumps, sales floors and cash registers will make your employees feel more comfortable.  Prevent from installing security cameras in employee break rooms and restrooms.

Possible Accidents – Cameras installed by your gas pumps can be vandalized or even damaged by collisions or car accidents. Cars have been know to run into gas pumps in the past.

Camera Theft – Criminals will sometimes target security cameras during their robberies. This sometimes allows them more time to take more money, or simply hide their identity during the crime.


Configuring Security Cameras at a Fueling Station


No Gas station security installation is the same. Your needs may vary depending several factors. Here are some things to consider when purchasing and installing your surveillance system:

  1. Consider your biggest security threat. What is it?
  2. Do you currently have a security system? What do you have in place?
  3. Consider incidents that happened this past year. What could you have caught?
  4. Consider your neighborhood and surrounding areas. Are they prone to crime?
  5. Your location may help criminals.
    1. High volume areas with lots of traffic may experience higher crime and theft rates simply because of the high numbers of vehicles that pass through the area
  1. Do you currently have problems with employee theft or robberies?


Insulation Advice for Gas Station Surveillance


  1. Place cameras where you can easily capture license plates of those incoming and outgoing cars.
  2. We suggest using dome cameras above your fuel pumps to gain a comprehensive view of your gas station.
  3. Cash registers should by monitored and recorded as well as your office. This will help protect employees and company assets in case of a robbery.

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Retail Security Cameras

We all have walked down that electronics aisle at our local retailer and have glanced over to see a live demo of security camera systems doing their thing. Enough to catch our eyes and make us contemplate whether or not we need security cameras for our home or office. Most retailers like Best Buy, Fry’s, Costco and Sams Club offer some sort of electronic security camera system. Offering easy return policies and warranties with deep discounts. This appeals to many consumers because they are used to purchasing most of their electronics at these locations already and are accustomed the return policies. Being able to see, touch and play with a potential security camera system also helps consumers feel more comfortable with the potential purchase. Most security equipment providers do not cater to walk in business and therefore do not offer local showrooms to showcase their products. Surveillance systems, for the most part, has always been and installer to end user business with the installers buying their cameras from a local security provider and reselling the equipment to the consumer. The installation was usually the selling point and most customers choose their security cameras based on the installation company and their experience.

The last decade has brought us a wealth of familiarity with electronics, especially video and this has helped retailers push security products direct to customers. They no longer feel intimidated by surveillance systems and are more informed with workings of the systems today. TV DVRs, smartphones and streaming video has helped consumers understand technology and the gap between installers and customers has closed quite a bit. All this leads to one question. Are retail security camera systems worth buying?


Security Camera SystemMost retail surveillance systems on the market do a fairly decent job of recording and shooting good video but they also tend to lack in other areas. Consider that retailers are in the business of moving products in volume and as such these systems need to be priced at  levels that will help expedite these sales. When this occurs you need to cut corners somewhere and it normally occurs in areas that the consumer does not see. A majority of all surveillance systems need to wired. The cameras need to be wired directly to the DVR in order to record, and all cameras need power which also needs to be wired to the camera. In order to offer these systems as an all in one solution retailers bundle the cable and wire together with the system. The length of the cable is normally predetermined and typically come with 100 feet of coax cable or CAT5 network cable depending on the system you choose. This can be a problem for some customers because the cable length may not be sufficient for where the camera placement will be. This makes it a little harder because customers now need to find a way to make the cable longer or they are forced to purchase a longer cable from the retailer that tends to be highly over priced. The other drawback tends to be the cable or wire quality sold with these systems. Since volume is king here most surveillance kits come with sub par cable and wire. This cable tends to not last as long and is limited in distance because of the quality. Most installers buy their camera cable in 1000 foot spools or boxes that are normally of very high grade and they make their own cable and connectors depending on the customers needed length. Better cable better connectors also helps with video quality.

Fixed Lens

Fixed Lens Bullet CameraRetail security cameras normally sold come with a fixed lens. If you ever look at a retail security camera that is powered up at your local store your first impression is normally, ” nice picture”.  The video may look nice but we need to look past that and examine other key features or the lack there of. A fixed picture from a camera with a fixed lens is exactly as it sounds. Its fixed. You cannot change the angle or zoom in the lens. What you see is what you get. Just like your smartphone. Looking at a camera from a 3 foot distance at eye level will always give you detail but most cameras are not mounted at eye level. They are mounted at an average of 8-10 feet. This means you will have a big difference in detail. You will normally get a wide picture but the detail will not be there in case of an incident. This is why having a varifocal lens is a great option. It allows the customer to manually zoom in the lens and adjust for a tighter picture allowing more detail.

Night Vision

Infrared Range is crucial when selecting a security camera for night time viewing. Smaller cameras sold in retail kits usually only offer a small amount of infrared illuminators and come without a mechanical IR filter. This basically means that the camera will convert to night time mode based on the camera determining dawn and dusk. It will convert the camera to Black and White to allow better night time viewing. The proper way to accomplish this is using an ICR  ( Infrared Cut Filter ) filter that actually turns on or off depending on night or day. This filter allows the camera to see infrared lighting and perform better at night. Using a non ICR camera will simply give you camera that converts to black and white with limited capability. Also consider the height at which you plan to install the camera. If the camera has a listed IR range of 25 feet and you install the camera 12 feet high you are basically left with 13 feet of effective infrared range.

Frame Rate

Retail Security Camera systems tend to have limited frame rate as this tends to keep cost down. This is important because this will determine the quality of your playback and recording. If a security recorder is limited in recording frame rate you will normally see choppy video or miss detail during playback. Two important factors in determining your purchase should be framerate and resolution recording. Real Time Security recording is considered to be 30fps (frames per second) per camera. This basically means that you will have 30 small snapshots per second giving your fluid recording and playback. Many of the systems offered only allow you to record at 7fps at the highest setting. This is huge difference in detail and can make a big difference when trying to playback an incident. Resolution recording is normally is normally D1 (720 x 480) or CIF (320 x 240) for analog cameras. These would represent the size of the video images being recorded. You obviously want to record at the highest possible setting to get the most detail possible in case of an event. Make sure to read the specs carefully and try and purchase a system that allows D1 recording at 30fps, on all channels. Some manufactures use the term 4 CIF instead of D1 and give you a total FPS for the DVR instead of a per channel count. So if you have a 4ch Security Camera System you are looking to buy,  you want it to be 120FPS total. ( 4 cameras at 30fps each ) . Make sure its states 120FPS total at D1 and not CIF.

Support & Documentation

Tech support for most retail brand security camera systems are hit or miss. The volume sales of these systems usually means that tech support is very limited. Most sales reps in retail stores will not have first hand knowledge of security products so the purchase itself will normally be dictated by the consumers impulse and sale price, and not by retail professional selling them the product. Documentation for security products is usually pretty technical across the board and is hard to read. You do not see many manuals catering to the end user and this makes understanding and setting up your security camera system a little harder than other electronic purchases. Having someone to turn to for help is a huge plus. You should consider this before your purchase.

Wrap up.

If you are looking for a quick video system for overall observation and recording these typical systems will work for you. If you are looking to get detail, range, and ease of use I would look elsewhere. Security should really not be purchased based on price. It’s your family, home or business and that should take precedence. The initial purchase is important but long term support with security products really is the key. There are a lot of working parts and features that go with your security camera system and having someone to speak to is very important. I hope this helps you understand things a little better and provides some insight when considering your next security purchase.











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