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CCTV in Operation
CCTV in Operation (Photo credit: Siebuhr)

Growth in video surveillance has been happening for years and this report aims to put numbers next to the growth spurt. According to the latest report, Asia will gain significant share in the global CCTV market by 2014-end, with India and China being the key drivers.

The report claims a, “Booming CCTV Market in Asia Forecast to 2014”, it states that mobile video surveillance is a fast growing segment in the video surveillance market. As per the study, the IP-based video surveillance market is recording rapid growth in China. It is anticipated to account for nearly 26% of the total market by the 2014-end. In India too, the overall outlook for IP surveillance looks positive and promising as consumers are shifting from traditional analog CCTV to IP surveillance.

The report also studied the CCTV market in other Asian countries, including Thailand, Malaysia and Taiwan. Besides, the report has looked into the competitive landscape by studying the profiles of key companies Bosch, Samsung and Sony which are operating in the Asian CCTV market.

[tabgroup][tab title=”Summary”][/tab][tab title=”Table of Contents”]1. Analyst View
2. Research Methodology
3. Introduction to CCTV Technology
3.1 Surveillance Technology
3.1.1 Analog Video Surveillance System
3.1.2 IP Video Surveillance System
3.1.3 Remote Video Surveillance (RVS)
3.1.4 Mobile Video Surveillance System
3.2 Surveillance Components
3.2.1 Cameras Analog Cameras IP Cameras
3.2.2 Video Surveillance Storage Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Network Video Recorder (NVR) IP San
3.2.3 Video Surveillance Software and Analytics Video Management Software (VMS) Video Analytics/Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS)
3.2.4 Video Servers
3.2.5 Video Surveillance Monitors
4. Country-level Analysis: Studying the Future Potential
4.1 China
4.2 Thailand
4.3 Malaysia
4.4 Taiwan
4.5 India
5. Key Players
5.1 Bosch
5.2 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
5.3 Sony Corporation

List of Figures:

Figure 4-1: China – Safety and Security Market (Billion US$), 2010-2014
Figure 4-2: China – Forecast for CCTV Market by Technology (%), 2014
Figure 4-3: China – CCTV Market (Billion US$), 2010-2014
Figure 4-4: Thailand – CCTV Market (Million US$), 2010-2014
Figure 4-5: Thailand – Forecast for CCTV Market by Technology (%), 2014
Figure 4-6: Malaysia – CCTV Market (Million US$), 2010-2014
Figure 4-7: Malaysia – Forecast for CCTV Market by Technology (%), 2014
Figure 4-8: Taiwan – Forecast for CCTV Market by Technology (%), 2014
Figure 4-9: India – Electronic Security Market (Million US$), 2010-2014
Figure 4-10: India – Electronic Security Market by Segment (%), 2011
Figure 4-11: India – CCTV Market (Million US$), 2010-2014
Figure 4-12: India – Forecast for CCTV Market by Technology (%), 2014[/tab][tab title=”Show me the money”]

Booming CCTV Market in Asia Forecast to 2014 


  • Publication date: June 2012
  • Report size: 62 pages
  • Report price: $ 900

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Dud security cameras installed at Calcutta airport’s international terminal have been recording little more than images of people’s feet, the walls and ceilings for over six months without officials once monitoring the footage, a probe has revealed.

The failure of most of the 25 CCTV cameras to record proper footage came to light when officials probing last Friday’s bribe-and-assault complaint against immigration officials scanned some of the tapes.

“We were shocked to find images of people’s feet along with walls and ceilings. If the focusing was bad in some cameras, others had the wrong angle of view,” said an official who did not wish to be named.

Most of the CCTV cameras apparently do not conform to the specifications laid down by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security more than two years ago.

“These cameras are not even digital. The Bureau of Civil Aviation Security had specified in the wake of a terror alert that all cameras at airports should be upgraded,” said a security officer,

Modern CCTV cameras designed for high-security zones like airports rotate at regular intervals, recording footage from various angles.

via The Telegraph – Calcutta (Kolkata) | Metro | Cameras look no further than feet.

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The security demands of the hotel industry could be an important driver for the IP-based surveillance market in India. Intelligent monitoring systems can now ensure fool-proof security in hotels. By Sudipta DevPrakash PrabhuThe security and surveillance market has seen a major shift from the analog to the digital, with closed circuit televisions CCTVs now giving way to IP-based intelligent monitoring systems that boast of more advanced technology and are fully integrated. Remote monitoring is a key advantage of network surveillance which enables authorised users to monitor the surveillance footage in real-time.The IP-based surveillance market in India is currently valued at approximately US$ 50-60 million and is expected to grow in the near future at a year-on-year rate of 45 per cent. The hospitality sector is one of the key demand drivers for niche security. “Hospitality is one of the fastest growing sectors in India and we foresee a lot of demand in this sector. Recent terror incidents highlighted the need for effective physical security in the hospitality sector. Sectors like tourism and hospitality need to view security as a strategic imperative and invest to make their security fool-proof and free from vulnerability to ensure their guests are protected from such threats,” states Prakash Prabhu, country manager, Axis Communications, India. He points out that adoption of better compression techniques, multi platform integration and HDTV for improved image quality has helped surveillance videos to be used for alternative applications beyond security.

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As one of the world’s largest countries, air transport is critical to India’s economy and protecting airports from terrorist attacks is a high priority for air transport authorities. To protect against terrorism, airport authorities selected the Infinova/Videonetics solution from over 20 leading manufacturers in the global security industry. The 22 airports covered by the solution include Tirupati airport, serving one of the busiest pilgrimage centres in the world and Agra airport, serving tourist traffic to the Taj Mahal. Other airports include Agatti, Jaisalmer, Chandigarh, Dimapur, Gaya, Jamnagar, Jodhpur, Jorhat, Lengpui, Lilabari, Ludhiana, Mangalore, Nagpur, Patna, Shimla, Silchar, Tezpur, Trichy, Vizag and Varanasi.

via Infinova IP cameras with video analytics to be installed at 22 airports in India | Security News – SourceSecurity.com.

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Smart Guard Systems Launches ‘’Smart Surveillance Solutions’’ – Lightweight and portable with high processing power. Smart Surveillance Solutions – Ultra-compact Mega performance, Smart Combination Redefined.

(I-Newswire) July 29, 2010 – Smart Guard Systems has launched an innovative and smart surveillance solution especially designed for IP surveillance market.

The Smart Micro NVR has designed and developed in such a way that can be used at different places, which demand IP surveillance, but can be used primarily in banks and ATMs, Clinics, monitoring of retail counters in shops, departmental stores and malls, and even utilized in the logistic segment. It is also ideal for NAS application and home entertainment.

This breakthrough innovation is light, portable and ‘Smart Micro NVR’, which has unobtrusive looks and packs in 1.2 gigahertz of processing power with 512 megabytes of flash memory and an equal amount of DDR2 memory. It is quite measly in size compared to its gigantic processing abilities with a length of just 110mm, width of 69.5mm, and height of 48.5 mm. Additionally, the Smart Micro NVR is bundled with a Gigabit Ethernet for networking purposes and an attached USB 2.0 socket.

It is usually found that IP surveillance cameras, especially IP Megapixel cube cameras demand a good amount of processing power and storage on the part of the computer systems. Add to that, the bulky exterior of high processing systems makes it very difficult for security personnel and technicians to install them in different locations with strategic advantages and maximum coverage.

“This unique combination of IP Cube Camera and Smart Micro NVR has a potential to transform into an innovative product concept in various market segments including ATMs not having internal cameras, Warehouses , Banks, Home Surveillance and Storage, Logistic, Retail counters monitoring, and many more,” quips Mr. Gurudas Parwani, CEO, Smart Guard Systems.

“The bottom line objective is to satisfy the needs of end users by providing convenient surveillance solution, which has an astounding performance,” says Mr. Parwani.

Smart Guard Systems sensed the need of a portable, lightweight and convenient product for connecting to these cube cameras and which could also be connected to external hard disks of various gigabytes to store video footage. Smart Micro NVR can be carried along the way and connect to high tech camera, which delivers 1.3 megapixel video, dual codec streaming and advanced video motion detection.

Smart Surveillance Solutions is an affordable and compact product for the Indian households. “With anytime anywhere viewing from distant locations, the Smart Surveillance Solution makes it simple for all of us to care for our families and assets. NRI sons and daughters can keep in view their aging parents or their unattended houses. This will enable working parents to keep track of children as they come back from schools,” says Gurudas Parwani.

“Smart Surveillance Solution” is a unique combination of IP Cube (cube shaped miniature cameras) Camera and Smart Micro NVR (Network Video Recorder). Developed by Smart Guard Systems ‘Smart Micro NVR’ is a portable, lightweight and convenient product that does away with the restrictive features of the bulky, power consuming Personal computers/Servers and embedded NVR’s needed for recording the video streams from the IP cameras.

“Smart Surveillance Solution” won the award for best innovation by Gujarat Electronics and Software Industries Association (GESIA) on its annual awards — GESIA AWARDS 2010 — at a ceremony in Ahmedabad recently.

Smart Guard targets home users with “Smart Surveillance Solutions” and will retail it through electronic retail chains also. Both Smart Micro NVR and the SmartHawk IP Cube Camera are bundled as a unique combination by SmartGuard Systems and aptly termed as “Smart Surveillance Solution.”

About Smart Guard Systems:

Smart Guard Systems is the first Indian company in IP Surveillance, Driving innovation in surveillance technology, the company has developed High Definition IP surveillance cameras with triple codecs viz H.264, mpeg4 and mjpeg technologies, on its own. Smart Guard Systems is the subsidiary of eInfochips Ltd, which is an Indian company into the field of IP driven Design services.

The company deals with complete end-to-end security and surveillance systems, which are of utmost use to many in the market along with various other innovative devices that have been newly designed and launched. Smart Guard Systems, a subsidiary of eInfochips, has its own manufacturing and technology development centre in Ahmedabad, India. For more information, please visit www.smartguardsystems.com

via Smart Guard System Launches “Smart Surveillance Solution”, an innovative plug-n-play IP surveillance product.