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Bluetooth Access Control reader


The days of having to carry a key fob or access control card is slowly coming to an end. New technology is taking advantage of smartphones to replace outdated cards and traditional keypad entry. Everyone carries a smartphone and it seems like a logical progression. Bluetooth enabled readers are making their way onto the scene and offering businesses, as well as homeowners the option of entering their properties with their smartphone. The technology makes the process simple and often times the new access control readers work with existing access control systems already in place. Readers are programmed via a PC with bluetooth connectivity or via a USB dongle that is sold separately. Besides the cool factor, it makes a lot of sense. You have the option of hiding the readers from plain site and allowing access by simply passing your phone within the bluetooth range. This will help possible vandals from trying to circumvent the access control reader or simply destroying it. The technology shows promise and with the sudden surge in home automation its only a matter of time before this technology goes mainstream.




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Restaurants & bars have unique security challenges that they face daily. Employee turnover and the ever changing  changing customer base leaves restaurants and bars with high risk of theft. A well installed bar or restaurant security video system can improve security and safety for employees, customers, as well as  business owners alike.

Bar and Restaurant Security Cameras Benefits


Simple Installation – Restaurant & bar video surveillance is quick to install as well as set up. With newer HD technology bar & restaurant owners have an abundance of options to make their install go smoothly.  You have options to use existing cabling to upgrade your current systems to HD-SDI or HD-CVI or go IP HD with IP cameras with traditional networking wiring.

Theft prevention – Preventing theft is what Video surveillance is all about, and a well installed restaurant security camera can help put an end to non paying customers and possible robberies.

Violence & Fights Recorded – We have all experienced the rowdy patron thats had one too many.  Fights are common place in crowded bars, especially when watching sporting events. Bar & restaurant security cameras can prevent violence and fighting, while helping to identify the responsible parties.

Playback of Video – Newer Digital Video Security Systems broadcast video footage over the internet, this allows business owners to view  your restaurant or bar at anytime from anywhere. Having a chain restaurants is not a problem with todays technology. You have the ability to check up on several locations at once without having to be in multiple places at once. Enjoy live video or playback from a PC, mac, tablet or smartphone.

The risks of Tavern and Pub CCTV Systems

Privacy Concerns – Bar & Restaurant security cameras should only be installed in public places such as bars, dining rooms, stock rooms, and kitchen areas. Never install security cameras in bathrooms or employee break rooms.

Camera Vandalism – Anytime you install cameras in public areas they are susceptible to tampering or vandalism, specifically in bars. Having a loss of video or recording due to vandalized or damaged cameras can affect your ability to prosecute or capture a crime or theft.

Power Outages – Power outages and surges can cause severe damage to your security system or even interrupt your video recording. Even though this may rarely occur, there is still a possibility of it happening. We suggest you have other security measures in place should your bar or restaurant security camera system fail.


Bar and restaurant video surveillance system considerations


Bars & restaurants have different security needs which depend on several different factors. One surveillance system installed in a particular restaurant or bar may not work for another. Here are some things you should consider when when installing your security cameras:

  • Have you experienced any fights or acts of violence at your Bar or restaurant in the past?

  • Have you had customer theft or non paying customers leave your premise?

  • What area is most security risk?

  • What security systems have you installed in the past? Do you currently have in place?

  • Is your location or neighborhood prone to theft or crime?-

  • Are you a restaurant or bar, both?

  • Do you experience higher traffic days due to events or daily specials?

  • Consider your customer demographic.

  • Do you have high foot traffic?Are you constantly busy or do you have “traffic rushes” during lunch, dinner, happy hour, etc?

  • Have you dealt with employee theft (missing cash from register, giving out free food or drinks, stealing food)?

  • Consider your space. Do you currently lease a space from a larger building? Do you have a free-standing building with a parking lot?

    • If you currently lease or rent space from a larger building, consider what possible security systems are offered by the building itself.

  • Do your employees have full viewing access to dining areas or bar from kitchens or serving’ stations?

Restaurant Security Cameras – Setup Advice


  • Install bar and restaurant security cameras in common open areas such as dining rooms to help protect customers and prevent theft.

  • Consider that cameras in your kitchen and serving areas will help you monitor and record workplace safety. The cameras can also help keep your facilities up to code with municipal health inspectors.

  • Always install surveillance cameras near exits and entrances in order to get an high detailed images of each and every customer and visitor as they come and go.

  • Also consider installing fixed security cameras near cash registers and office safes so it may help prevent theft.

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When you consider the inventory value and the amount of foot traffic a dealership has you have the perfect scenario for video surveillance. Automobiles vary in price considerably, depending on its make, year, model and features, prices range from a few thousand to as much as hundred thousand dollars. Inventory is largely left out in the parking lots which leaves millions of dollars in inventory exposed to crime, theft, and harmful weather for hours at a time.

Dealership Surveillance Benefits

Theft Prevention – Similar to other retail stores, money is the bottom line for dealerships. Potential profits means protecting inventory and potential profit. Inventory protection is extremely  important. Security video surveillance cameras installed on the lots can help prevent crime and thieves from stealing cars, as well as help identify any any suspicious characters roaming the lots.

Visitor and customers tracking – Consumer habits and showroom layout can provide with invaluable information. Knowing what cars attract the most customers and where most of your foot traffic is coming from can help you better prepare your sales reps. Tracking customer’s habits, determining what cars they look at versus the ones they actually purchase can offer valuable information for inventory, marketing and your sales staff. Video security cameras can help you keep count as well as track customers as walk around your property.

Customer, Employee and Building Protection – Surveillance cameras offer an invaluable service to your security staff, security cameras can keep your staff  posted about all possible security issues that may arise during the day. Newer technology allows your security staff to monitor the site during their round right from their tablet or mobile device. They can even receive alerts directly on their mobile devices so they may quickly respond accordingly.

Integration is the Future – Integrating past technologies with present ones is very important. The ability to use current wiring and older cameras with more advanced HD cameras is key. This allows you to keep costs down while still being able to upgrade to higher resolution cameras. The latest technology on the market allows you to use existing cabling and even cameras and mix them with new HD cameras on the same system. You may even integrate existing burglar alarm systems or access control systems with the latest digital video recorders.


Auto Wholesaler Surveillance Risks

Customer Privacy – Keep security camera installations to key public areas like parking lots, showrooms, and lobbies. Keep the cameras in areas where employees and customers are expected to be monitored. Those areas where employees or customers expect privacy such as break rooms or bathrooms should not be monitored by surveillance.

Vandalism or Damage – Security cameras monitoring automobiles parked on outside lots, are most susceptible to weather damage. Damaged surveillance cameras will lead to video interruptions, this makes inventory susceptible theft or damage. Make sure to install vandal proof cameras with a good outdoor rating to minimize camera damage.


Relying on Surveillance – Video surveillance is a very effective security solution for any auto dealership. We do however suggest that it should not be used as only security system. Video surveillance should supplement an existing security system such as auto car alarms as well as security guards.

Auto Wholesaler Surveillance System Considerations

There are a wide variety of factors one should consider when installing the perfect security system. We suggest you consider the following when installing a security system:

  • How many theft or crimes have you had in the last year?

  • What area is  most vulnerable, security-wise? What part of your dealership needs attention?

  • Car theft rings are common. Have you had an issues with car theft?

  • What do you currently have installed now? Currently what kind of security system or systems do you have in place?

Dealership Security Cameras Best Practices

  • All outdoor cameras should be in protective housings to shield them against wind, weather and acts of God.

  • Placement of outdoor cameras is crucial, make sure you do not have any blind spots on your lot, especially those outlying spaces. Mix various types of cameras (e.g. dome cameras and bullet cameras) to provide gather various types of video footage. The different cameras will network together and offer a comprehensive system with different views.

  • Remember to install cameras in maintenance and storage areas to help prevent theft of valuable equipment and/or customer belongings.

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Roger Yiu and his team are bringing their Smart Power Strip to Kickstarter in the hopes of funding  production and tooling costs. The project just hit Kickstarter, in the hopes of raising $100,000. Early pledgers willing to donate $99 will receive one smart outlet power stri.  The project hopes to offer a low-cost, smartphone-controlled automation for homes. Check out Rogers plea for your pledges below.

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Savant Systems has released the TrueImage Control app. Savant’s Apple-based products are quickly leading the pack in home and commercial automation. The app offers easy commands to turn on lighting with a simple touch of your finger. One cool feature is the ability to upload images of your home, room by room,  and control the lighting to each of the uploaded rooms. You options to dim lights, create lighting schemes and more, all from your iPad.

 Savant Systems states, “Simply touch the image of the actual light in the room you wish to control, and not only does the light in the room turn on/off or dim when pressed and held, but it also illuminates on the iPad® confirming the command.”

Check out the app, go to iTunes to download.

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  • Multi-room navigation and control
  • Full two-way control with active feedback
  • Customizable for any commercial or residential installation
  • Navigation Bar and Active Content
  • Category and Service Docks
  • User Customization including categories and channel favorites
  • TrueCommand and TrueImage navigation supported
  • Guest Access and Savant Mobile (control from anywhere in the world)
  • Multi-tasking, switch from TrueControl to thousands of Apple apps
  • Wireless video streams from network cameras
  • Navigation and control of Internet music and subscription services

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Release 1.04 includes support of the new Retina Theme with updated Retina service icons, customer-requested enhancements and additional performance improvements from the previous version.

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The Bluetooth Bulb can easily  simplify your life, all you need is a iPhone and their mobile app and you can begin dimming to your hearts content.

The Bluetooth Bulb offers the benefits of home automation wherever you live and work without the need for a real home automation system. The Bluetooth Bulb saves energy, and will help lowering them utility bills we all love paying.

The Bluetooth Bulb recently achieved a CE qualification. Look for the Bluetooth Bulb soon as mass production should begin within several months. Check out the video after the break.


via Bluetooth Bulb.