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MEGAPIXALL MPRO-NV644K 64 Channel 4K Hot Swappable Network IP NVR
64 Channel 4K Hot Swappable Network IP NVR

MEGAPIXALL MPRO-NV644K 64 Channel 4K Hot Swappable Network IP NVR

Part Number:MPRO-NV644K
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64 Channel NVR

The latest in IP camera recording is here. Our 64 Channel High Definition NVR is one powerful security recorder. It has the ability to record up to 64 ONVIF IP Megapixel Cameras, all at the same time. Each camera can be recorded at 12MP each. Thats insane! This is by far one of the most powerful NVRs you will see on the market today. It uses new 4K display technology allowing you to view your cameras on your Super High Resolution 4K Monitor or TV. You can of course also see very high detail when using 1080p monitor as well.The MPRO-NV644K  is a 64 channel security recording device (NVR) that is self-contained, this simply means that there is no PC components involved and you do not need a PC for it to work. The system comes pre-built with a Linux Operating System and very simple Graphical User Interface. Using the included mouse you can easily set motion detection, create scheduled recordings, create email alerts and more. The menus are very easy to navigate and program.The storage hard drives are completely Hot Swappable and are simple to install. Simply click open the front NVR panel and install the hard drive. If you would like to swap out a hard drive there is no need to shut down your NVR. That is great feature, having a Hot Swappable Hard Drive makes life easy. You can install up to 8 Hard Drives at one time. We currently sell hard drives from 1TB to 4TB, so there is a potential of 32TB total hard drive storage.



Best video image quality available

Record high-definition, detailed video including license plates and facial recognition. Cover a larger area with a single megapixel camera and digitally zoom in on specific areas with great clarity during live viewing or when reviewing recorded video.


Saving Critical Video Evidence is Easy with our Backup Options

The Digital Video Recorder allows still images as well as recorded video to be offloaded via several options for quick and easy backup of your critical surveillance video evidence: DVD, USB drive or via network. (not all DVRs or NVRs offer DVD option)


HDMI Provides Enhanced Image Clarity

HDMI works with standard, enhanced or HD video. This digital video recorder features an HDMI output which allows for enhanced video image clarity with crisp clean images. This enables you to see your security camera video in high quality HD right on your HDTV screen. HD images can be reproduced with the HDMI support for HD display.

motion-detection-300x199 (1).png

Multiple Recording Modes allow you to Control What You Record

Our Digital Video Recorders all for multiple selectable recording options. These options include motion detection, continuous as well as scheduled recording. This allows you to choose the appropriate recording method for your security needs and allows you to maximize the number of hours of video you can record and store on your hard disk drives.


Reduces Storage Requirements with H.264 Video Compression

H.264 compression helps to dramatically reduce the size of your digital video recordings without compromising your image quality (especially when compared to other compression standards such as M-JPEG and MPEG-4). H.264 is proven to be a very stable compression technology, which produces unbeatable recording image quality while also saving you valuable hard drive storage space.


Optimize bandwidth for Remote Viewing

Using the bandwidth throttle allows the DVR to use less bandwidth for remote viewing of video in low bandwidth environments. The Bandwidth is reduced, but the picture quality is lower to make up for the reduction.


Post and Pre Recording Allows You See Before and After a Recorded Event

Working with the motion detection feature in the DVR or using alarm contacts installed to a door or window allow your to trigger the recording. When an incident is detected and begins recording activity the DVR will also record a pre-set amount of time both before and after the event to the hard drive. This allows you to see what happened just before and right after


Program your DVR Remotely With Your PC or Mobile Device

Making adjustments to your DVR is fast and simple. Settings such as email notification, remote firmware upgrade, recording resolution, and motion recording can be changed remotely. All DVR settings are available for adjustment within the Display, Event, Record, Device, Storage, System, Security Network and Upgrade menus.

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