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Vimage 16 Channel 4K NVR with built in POE



MEGAPIXALL MPRO-NVR164K 16 Camera NVR with 4K recording

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Dual Core Processor

Max. Res/FrameRate: 12MP / 8MP / 6MP / 5MP / 3MP / 1080P / 1.3MP / 720P | Max 200Mbps

Max. Drive Capacity: 4 SATA

Video Outputs: VGA / HDMI

Recordable Audio: YES

MPRO-NVR164K 16ch NVR with 4K Recording

This is an 16 Channel Ultra HD NVR. It can record up to 16 IP cameras ranging from 720p all the way up to 12MP resolutions. You can even view your cameras in realtime on a Super HD 4K Monitor. The detail that this NVR can capture is incredible. The NVR comes equipped with a Super Dual Core Processor as well as it's own Linux Operating System. Also provided is a simple GUI Interface, which makes it easy to use and configure the settings. With just a click of the included mouse, you can be on your way to creating motion detect schedules, 24-7 recording, email alerts, alarm detects and more.

When you first plug the NVR in, you will need to be connected to a monitor and there is an HDMI port as well as VGA. Once connected and configured, you will be able to view your cameras anywhere you have Internet including Smart Devices and Computers.

This NVR takes up to 4 hard drives and you can choose the storage you need in the dropdown menu above. When you purchase the hard drives from us, we will install them for free as well as test and configure them in your system. This way, when you receive the NVR it will be ready to go as soon as you plug it in. No cards or software to install either.

Backing up your footage is as easy as plugging a flash drive or external drive into a USB port.



Best video image quality available

Record high-definition, detailed video including license plates and facial recognition. Cover a larger area with a single megapixel camera and digitally zoom in on specific areas with great clarity during live viewing or when reviewing recorded video.


Saving Critical Video Evidence is Easy with our Backup Options

The Digital Video Recorder allows still images as well as recorded video to be offloaded via several options for quick and easy backup of your critical surveillance video evidence: DVD, USB drive or via network. (not all DVRs or NVRs offer DVD option)


HDMI Provides Enhanced Image Clarity

HDMI works with standard, enhanced or HD video. This digital video recorder features an HDMI output which allows for enhanced video image clarity with crisp clean images. This enables you to see your security camera video in high quality HD right on your HDTV screen. HD images can be reproduced with the HDMI support for HD display.

motion-detection-300x199 (1).png

Multiple Recording Modes allow you to Control What You Record

Our Digital Video Recorders all for multiple selectable recording options. These options include motion detection, continuous as well as scheduled recording. This allows you to choose the appropriate recording method for your security needs and allows you to maximize the number of hours of video you can record and store on your hard disk drives.


Reduces Storage Requirements with H.264 Video Compression

H.264 compression helps to dramatically reduce the size of your digital video recordings without compromising your image quality (especially when compared to other compression standards such as M-JPEG and MPEG-4). H.264 is proven to be a very stable compression technology, which produces unbeatable recording image quality while also saving you valuable hard drive storage space.


Optimize bandwidth for Remote Viewing

Using the bandwidth throttle allows the DVR to use less bandwidth for remote viewing of video in low bandwidth environments. The Bandwidth is reduced, but the picture quality is lower to make up for the reduction.


Post and Pre Recording Allows You See Before and After a Recorded Event

Working with the motion detection feature in the DVR or using alarm contacts installed to a door or window allow your to trigger the recording. When an incident is detected and begins recording activity the DVR will also record a pre-set amount of time both before and after the event to the hard drive. This allows you to see what happened just before and right after


Program your DVR Remotely With Your PC or Mobile Device

Making adjustments to your DVR is fast and simple. Settings such as email notification, remote firmware upgrade, recording resolution, and motion recording can be changed remotely. All DVR settings are available for adjustment within the Display, Event, Record, Device, Storage, System, Security Network and Upgrade menus.

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