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Based on the surroundings your current video camera is going to be working in , a Security Camera Housing is going to be required . Any kind of standard box surveillance camera which is mounted outside is going to be exposed to the elements , thereby needs to be protected . There are several kinds of camera housings on the market . The most typical security camera housing utilized is a common housing . Should your CCTV Camera be working in extremely cold temperature , you will need to select a camera housing which has a built-in heater and blower . This will likely prevent condensation from developing inside the housing and then fogging up the video camera lens . If you utilize your security system in a location whereas you will find potentially flammable or even explosive vapors , you would probably install your full size camera in an explosion-proof housing . This will likely reduce any of the vapors from entering in contact with the electronic components and parts of the security camera , which may result in ignition . Security Camera Housings are available in many different kinds , take a look around and let us know when you have any specific questions . 

Surveillance Camera Housings

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Outdoor Metal Box Camera housing with mount
Outdoor Metal Box Camera housing with heater and blower, 24V AC
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