Surveillance Security AC Power Supplies

AC Power Supplies for 24v Security Cameras

Just about every Security Surveillance System needs some kind of power source for the video cameras . Certain CCTV Cameras utilize AC Power , quite a few utilize DC Power , whilst you will find others that can be Dual Voltage . This indicates they can accept both AC and DC Electrical power . It is very important to identify the power specifications of your Security Cameras when selecting the CCTV Power Supply . Surveillance Security DC Power Supplies are available in 4 , 8 , 9 , and 16 channel models in addition to AC and DC Voltages . Therefore , depending upon the voltage requirements of your Surveillance System , you may want to mix and match your current power supplies to fulfill your personal needs .

Surveillance AC Power Supplies

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4 Channel AC Power Distribution Box
8 Channel AC Power Distribution Box
16 Channel AC Power Distribution Box
24V AC 50amp Single Channel Power Supply
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